No One Can Resist The Oomph Of Viking Hairstyles!

The amazing viking hairstyles that come to mind when we think of great warriors in history seem to have invaded the modern world. Even though the era of epic fighters is over for centuries, their bold and elegant hairstyles have not lost their popularity. On the contrary, contemporary men with brave souls have made it the new trend of the moment.

And if you are one of those men who want their style to reflect the real masculinity and power of man, you should see what we have prepared for you.

Dramatic cuts, valiant braids, killer ponytails - and that's just the beginning. Today, you will discover the most intrepid and attractive Viking hairstyles for men with long hair. Get ready for the fight!

Terrific Braided Undercut

Let's start with a style that crosses the line between "now" and "then". The hipsters that men love to practice today retain the sense of modernity while expressing a true combat-ready attitude. As for the bold appearance of the hairstyle, the Viking braid that stretches along the Mohawk is a nice way to show off your inner fighter.


Top Knot Half-Up Style

What makes this Viking knot different from the popular, the simple upper knot to men wearing long hair is casual style? In reality, the difference does not matter. The balance between hipster and viking vibrations does. Make sure the upper layer of your long mane is twisted in a haphazard way: no effort is crucial. For a more authentic look with a superior knot, make sure your temples blend well into the hairs of your face.

Long Hair + Beard

Now, the line of demarcation between a modern mod and a hero hunter is as thin as ever. Wearing one's hair loosely is probably the most popular idea in long-haired guys. This is actually an elegant style: you feel comfortable with your hair, while the Viking hairstyle gives a nice masculine look. Of course, a beard is something that makes the style important for many reasons. And the fact that women love guys with long hair and thatch is one of them.

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Slick Back Hair

Ageless Man Bun

Is there anyone who does not yet know the bun man - one of the easiest long hairstyles for men? Although it looks pretty modern, it gives a Viking atmosphere that kills, so the guys who wear it look so manly. The rolls can be different, and if you want to stay brutal, do not forget to let your stubble go wild.

Outstanding Man Braid

Those who think that it is not possible that the braids for men seem to agree have no idea what this style is doing. For example, Viking braids represent distinctive styles with perfectly shaved sides that keep the wearer's hair tight. Which man does not want to switch to a refined and strict style? Yes, the Viking braids that men proudly shoot are proof that braids are not the privilege of the girl.

Simple Braids With Long Mane And Beard

Once you have braided the upper and lateral strands of your long mane, you will feel the Viking spirit fill the space. Yes, Viking braids are meant to keep most of your hair away from your face. In fact, they did not realize that their braided hair could one day inspire the modern generations. But here we present you one of the coolest hairstyles ever!

Ragnar Lothbrok Inspired Style

Wondering what a real haircut of vikings looks like? The King of Warriors, Ragnar Lothbrok himself is about to satisfy your curiosity. As the famous creators of television shows, this idea is copied from reality. So, if you want to look totally authentic, you just have to straighten your sides, beard and smooth back.

Buzz Head + Beard

The truth is that all Viking hairstyles do not come like buns, twists and pics. A bald Viking head with a beard as climax can also be a courageous attitude expressing a style full of individuality. Remember: the Viking beard is their strength, so do not forget to let it grow after a full cut.


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